"Compact and fascinating, this easily read, fact filled book will leave the armchair genealogist yearning for a journey to the Emerald Isles. The author is a professional genealogist who shares valuable tips on conducting family research not found elsewhere. While specifically written to help others discover their Ireish heritage, anyone researching family history will learn valuable clues that will help avoid enevitable "dead ends" that one frequently encounters when investigating the past. The author shares humorous antedotes and has organized his book to make genealogy fun and entertaining. Mike Healy's Irish Genealogy Tips, Techniques and Tales is to Irish heritage as E. B. White's Element of Style is to writing an essay. Healy's book is a pleasant armchair read that will temp you into discovering your roots, Irish or not. I give him five glowing stars."
John K., Tennessee

"I'm Irish by reverse-osmosis -- my grandsons have Irish blood in them from my daughter-in-law's side! Now that I've got the Irish heritage bug, I'm doing a little research to help fill out the ancestry forms for the kids. My paid-professional genealogy guru at the local library told me that this book has any number of great tips and tricks to trace one back to the good St. Patrick himself. Well maybe not exactly, but you get the idea. Could be an interesting paper chase, and, with the luck of the Irish, this book has been an excellent place to start!"
Bill B., Chicago, IL

"Downloaded this and read it on my flight to Dublin. A quick read and total winner! Mr. Healy has provided easy to understand, practical advice and keen insights into the ancestral habits of the Irish. His tips about the Royal Irish Constabulary enabled me to learn key aspects of my grandfather’s history prior to his emigration to Ellis Island. · Mr. Healy’s introduction declares his book a labor of love, and that affection is apparent in every chapter. His one on the “Defining Moment” perfectly characterized my emotions, when his advice led me to the place where I held in my hands the actual register that my grandparents signed on their wedding day, 103 years ago. A goose-bump moment. · Tips, Techniques, and Tales cuts to the chase with relevant advice that aids immeasurably in finding the clues to ancestral records. It makes the search a productive detective adventure. His tips on Irish naming conventions and how to break through brick walls were invaluable. And the icing on the cake was the delightful tale about Turf – which explained the history behind the fields we saw during our drives through the Irish countryside."
Stewart B., San Diego, CA.



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